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Biocide Sealer Additive

This environmentally-friendly, miracle-in-a-bottle, when added to sealer, effectively prevents mold, mildew and algae growth on stone and grout.

Blue Be Gone

Hailed by stone fabricators around the world, this very effective solution removes that weird blue/green stain that often occurs when certain glues are used on granite surfaces.

Dr. Fred's Innovative Solutions Diamond Lubricant

Diamond Lubricant

Extends the life of diamond pads. Cools diamonds and provides a less sticky surface so slurry doesn’t clog the diamonds.

Granite Sunscreen

This is a great solution to protect stone exposed to direct sunlight. Just like protecting your skin from UV damage, this product blocks UV radiation, inhibiting fading and surface deterioration of natural stone, especially those that have been reinforced with resins, and engineered stone.

Granite Test Kit

Concerned that your granite countertops might have been ‘doctored’ (dyed) to look like a higher quality stone? This is a common problem especially with dark granite such as black absolute. This test kit will tell you if the stone has been dyed to artificially darken it.

Dr. Fred's Innovative Solutions Invisible Squeegee

Invisible Squeegee

Creates an invisible barrier on shower doors to inhibit soap film build-up, much like using a squeegee after everyone has showered for the day.

Poultice Powder for Rust Stain Removal

Poultice Powder – For Rust Stains

Our rust removal poultice contains a special blend of rust removers to remove the most stubborn rust stains on stone and masonry surfaces. Simply add water, mix and apply to stain.

Dr. Fred's Innovative Solutions Poultice Powder No Chemicals

Poultice Powder – No Chemicals

Non staining poultice powder to remove most stain from stone and masonry surfaces when mixed with our specials reagents.

Dr. Fred's Innovative Solutions Stain Sponge

Stain Sponge

Removing most common stains from natural stone surfaces and masonry has never been easier! Just wet the sponge with water, and place on the stained area. Easy for your customers to use!

Ultimate Stain Removal Kit

As a restoration contractor, for years Fred would carry dozens of stain removal chemicals to remove all types of stains on stone, tile, and concrete. Ultimately, he noticed that the vast majority of stains he was dealing with were most successfully resolved using a blend of different chemicals and that only three of these mixtures were needed in almost all staining situations. Those 3 chemical blends, or reagents, and Fred’s expertise presented in the web and mobile app, Stain Care PRO (90-day subscription) are what makes up this kit for professional stone and hard surface care pros.

Ultimate Stain Removal Reagent #1

This reagent is to be used with a dry poultice material to create a poultice to remove ORGANIC stains from stone and other hard porous surfaces.

Ultimate Stain Removal Reagent #2

Reagent #2 is a chemical reagent to add to a poultice material to break down and remove most INORGANIC stains on porous hard surfaces.

Ultimate Stain Removal Reagent #3

Reagent #3 is to be used with a dry poultice material to create a poultice to remove METAL stains from stone and other hard porous surfaces.


What People Are Saying

People in the industry tell us all the time what a difference our solutions provide. Here is just some of the feedback we get...

Blue-Be-Gone saved me! Kudos to Fred Hueston for creating the solution that solved my problem.

Steve Brush
Fabricator, Scottsdale, AZ

I had a difficult stain on a marble countertop of a high end client. I had tried

Carl S.
Stone Restoration Contractor

As a stone fabricator I have run into all kinds of stains that I have easily taken

David, B.  San Jose, CA
Stone Fabricator