Blue Be Gone To Remove Weird Blue/Green Stain From Stone and Tile Surface

Product Overview

  • What It Does Hailed by stone fabricators around the world, this very effective solution removes that weird blue/green stain that often occurs when certain glues are used on granite surfaces.
  • Contents (1) 4 oz bottle of Reagent A and (1) 4 oz bottle of Reagent B to be mixed together
  • MSRP $69.95

Blue Be Gone

Product Description
Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions Blue Be Gone was developed to remove those bluish-green stains that sometimes occur where certain glues are used on granite countertop surfaces. This product has been a favorite of stone fabricators around the world.

A little background… Several years ago Dr. Fred received a call from a fabricator about a mysterious blue/green stain that occurred on a granite countertop. The fabricator tried everything to try and remove these stains with no results. Dr. Fred headed back to the lab and developed a two-reagent chemical that when combined removes these stains.

How to use: simply mix the two reagents together and apply to the stained area.


What People Are Saying

People in the industry tell us all the time what a difference our solutions provide. Here is just some of the feedback we get...

Blue-Be-Gone saved me! Kudos to Fred Hueston for creating the solution that solved my problem.

Steve Brush
Fabricator, Scottsdale, AZ

I had a difficult stain on a marble countertop of a high end client. I had tried my standard treatment

Carl S.
Stone Restoration Contractor

As a stone fabricator I have run into all kinds of stains that I have easily taken care of. Recently

David, B.  San Jose, CA
Stone Fabricator