Ultimate Stain Removal Reagent to Save Inorganic Stains From Surfaces

Product Information

  • What It Does Reagent #2 is a chemical reagent to add to a poultice material to break down and remove most INORGANIC stains on porous hard surfaces.
  • Size 16 oz
  • MSRP $79.95

Ultimate Stain Removal Reagent #2

Product Description

Reagent #2 is to be used with a dry poultice material to create a poultice to remove INORGANIC stains from stone and other hard porous surfaces. Dr. Fred’s Innovative Solutions Professional Stain Management chemical reagents, there is no need to carry around dozens of chemicals.


The Ultimate Stain Removal Kit, which includes 4 oz bottles of all three reagents, plus a 90-day subscription to the web and mobile app, “Stain Care PRO.”

The App, “Stain Care PRO”

The app provides a wealth of information, including an interactive stain chart with step-by-step instructions for virtually every kind of stain you will encounter, plus real world case studies, guides, how-to videos, and more… go to www.staincarepro.com to learn more.

The eLearning Course

Take Fred’s Stain Management eLearning Course, “Stain Care PRO” at the SurpHaces eLearning Institute (www.elearning.surphaces.com) to arm yourself as a stain management expert. The course includes a full one-year subscription to the Stain Care PRO app.



What People Are Saying

People in the industry tell us all the time what a difference our solutions provide. Here is just some of the feedback we get...

Blue-Be-Gone saved me! Kudos to Fred Hueston for creating the solution that solved my problem.

Steve Brush
Fabricator, Scottsdale, AZ

I had a difficult stain on a marble countertop of a high end client. I had tried my standard treatment

Carl S.
Stone Restoration Contractor

As a stone fabricator I have run into all kinds of stains that I have easily taken care of. Recently

David, B.  San Jose, CA
Stone Fabricator